It’s really good to buy an Nexus 5 3G silicone case immediately at the time of purchase of Nexus 5 itself. Generally people would prefer to buy an Nexus 5 3G leather case as it gives your Nexus 5 a classier and a professional look. Leather cases of various colors are available in market. Make sure that you are purchasing a correct size Nexus 5 3G fm transmitter for your Nexus 5 and if you can afford, buy an original leather case itself. An open top LG Nexus 5 3G silicone case is good, even though it’s more expensive. These types of cases are ideal for tight spaces, such as your pocket or bags.

Nexus 5 3G leather cases comes in different levels of protection depending on the make or model. Nexus 5 Cases that are made of leather are strong and durable. Some times the Nexus 5 3G silicone cases are designed with a flat cover for the safe use to cover the face of your Nexus 5. The majorities of these protective covers are sweat proof and give them varying level of protection. The Nexus 5 3G fm transmitter will protect your Nexus 5 from damage from accidental drops and at the same time it will give your Nexus 5 a smart business look.

DLO provides a more traditional Nexus 5 3G leather case made of Black Lambskin leather with a tan interior. The Velcro tab gives you an easy access to your phone; the corners are notched so that you can use your headset jack irrespective of how you place the Nexus 5 in your Nexus 5 3G silicone case. Any 3G Nexus 5 owner can buy an Nexus 5 3G fm transmitter made by Case-Mate. It boasts the finest grain Italian pebble stone leather and offers you with a life time warranty. MacAlly Peripherals manufactures different types of Nexus 5 3G silicone cases. This company offers form fitting leather cases for Nexus 5s.

If you are keeping your Nexus 5 in your pocket or purse, it’s better for you to purchase a black premium Nexus 5 3G leather case from AT&T. it will protect your Nexus 5 from drops and rough handling and also it will give you a professional looking. Incipio gives a varied line of Nexus 5 3G leather case for every ones fashion and style.